Children's Book and Toy Project


As designers we were challenged to create a children’s toy and book based on randomly assigned concepts. Movement, magnetism, and storm were the concepts I was given. Additionally, the toy was intended to be engaging and educational. The final product had to be crafted to withstand field testing with target consumers ages 3-6.


Exploration of the concept words resulted in hundreds of sketches, brainstorming and word associations. “Movement” was selected for greatest potential and drove the direction of the project. Many iterations of sketching, consideration of materials, and rapid prototyping yielded a wooden toothbrush in the shape of a dinosaur.


Three wooden prototypes were crafted and tested by three separate children, with positive reviews. The form of the toothbrush is simple, informative, playful and meant to encourage children to see a toothbrush as an object of play rather than a chore. Additionally the toothbrush is able to stand with the head of the brush above the ground, providing hygienic benefits. As a continuation of the project, two of the target consumers created a commercial for the product, serving as new media platform for advertising the product.