Student Scholarship Application


To redesign the existing student scholarship application within NCSU’s engineering department with an emphasis on branding, transparency and reducing human error so that each applicant had a greater chance for receiving a scholarship.


We combined elements of a wizard interface with a website navigation to provide guidance while still suggesting freedom to enter information in whatever order the applicant wanted. The old interface was confusing, non-responsive, and difficult to see the applicant progress.

While working with a development team we were able to allow the user to save their changes and come back to the application at their discretion. We were also able to show the user’s progress in real time throughout the application at all times as it was part of the static navigation.

Cognitively, we used a lot of chunking and grouped similar items together to ease the mental load that the user experienced as they proceeded through the application.

Future Suggestions

In the future, our team would like to see the incorporation of an e-mail reminder that the student has yet to complete their application, or it requires updating before an impending deadline. Humans are extremely unlikely to be able to remember to update things that only require attention once a year, and we would like to make it as easy as possible for qualified applicants to receive scholarships.