Scholarship Selection Committee Application


Our team was charged with the task of creating an application that allowed selection committee members to choose candidates for scholarship within a web format. Previously the data was shown within a secured web space, but did not allow the users to perform any actions within the same type of space.


Our development team created an application that showed an extensive amount of data in a straightforward interface. This would allow users to confirm their selections for scholarship candidates with up to date data in the same interface.

We created dashboard that contained information regarding the remaining budgets, relevant candidates to specific scholarships, and captured every significant event such as assigning an award amount to a student or if the scholarship foundation updated the budget.

A lot of time was specifically spent on language and appearance that would encourage selection committee members to complete their tasks quickly. We employed the concepts of visual and textual progress indicators, as well as a light weight interface to provide subtle hints of gamification.

Inspiration came in the form of financial dashboards and course planning tools.

Future Suggestions

We would like to be able to offer more advanced features such as sending out alerts via the selection application to selection committee members if a candidate was no longer eligible, or if they had an impending deadline coming up. We would also like to provide a separate planning interface for the purpose of creating a wish list of candidates before confirming their decisions.