Personal Logo Evolution


To create a personal identity system that defines and describes my personal brand.


I began by defining how I wanted to be perceived professionally. As a designer I strive to be consistent, clever, innovative, and elegant. Also, web designers and industrial designers must often straddle different roles. I wanted the logo to be able to walk the line between 2D and 3D. Adhering to the concepts of geometry, line work, and repetition, the following sketches were created, and a scheme for a branding system began to emerge.


A simple manipulation of an "A" into a geometric line drawing was created from hundreds of sketches. It can read as a simple line drawing, as well as a 3D object, and takes cues from M.C. Escher's works with the legs appearing on separate planes while still being attached to each other. This understated logo serves as the foundation for my branding strategy and designer statement.