College of Design Branding Project


The goal for this projects was to successfully create a branding identity system to help separate NCSU’s College of Design from other colleges within the university in addition to other schools of design throughout the country.


While working in a collaborative, cross-disciplinary, flagship studio students spent months researching user profiles, stakeholder needs, history of the college. We also evaluated any disparities between the external view of the college identity versus the actual behavior of the College of Design. Finally after all of the research, and hundreds of ideations, a mark began to take shape.


Inspired by historical roots the golden ratio was selected as a starting point. The logo serves as a nod to the past have come from and points to the future. After publicly proposing the logo to community stakeholders and receiving little to no backlash, the decision was made to adopt the brand and further develop a cross-channel identity system around it. The logo exists today and can be seen at NCSU's College of Design Website